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Welcome to our online school!

The core developers of the Robonomics Network, robotics specialists and PhD scientists offer to pass through compendious experience based on about 10 years of work with web3 projects.


Deploying and Operating Networks of IoT Devices

Operating Blockchain Technologies

Protected Operations Logging and Storage of Device Data

Building IoT Dapps

Basics of Robot Economy

Intense Engineering Practice


Blockchain Proved Certificate

that you are familiar with the modern web technologies for the IoT. It will come in handy when hiring a technology company that wants to improve their corporate infrastructure using web3.

Networking with Professionals

with Robonomics engineers and even get advice at a personal consultation for your IoT research or engineering project.

Participation in Robonomics as Ambassador

We have Ambassador Program and looking forward talented inspired people!

What is Robonomics?

Robonomics is a secure, serverless and futuristic IoT platform that connects users and smart devices.

It enables the exchange of technical and economic information in the form of atomic transactions between user applications, IoT services, and complex robotics.

User Dapp
Function request
Digital twin
IoT Device

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