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Theoretical Briefing

Theory~ 15 min


Raspberry Pi Setup

Practice~ 80 min


MQTT Broker Setup

Practice~ 15 min


Gateway Setup: Zigbee2MQTT

Practice~ 15 min


Gateway Setup: Robonomics SLS Gateway

Practice~ 15 min


Robonomics IoT Subscription Setup

Practice~ 20 min/ Requires XRT tokens


Robonomics Integration Setup

Practice~ 15 min


Get Telemetry of Device with Dapp

Practice~ 10 min

What's this about?

In this course, you will go through all the steps required in order to build your own sovereign smart home, the main advantage of which is the safety / privacy of user data. This problem is becoming increasingly relevant due to the spread of smart homes. The modern IoT market provides the average user a large selection of smart home solutions, but they are all tied to centralized cloud providers or require an expensive proprietary gateway for connecting devices. Thus, the common smart home architecture remains very centralized in terms of device control and data storage.

We see two main problems with this smart solution:

At the dawn of the development of smart homes, it was difficult to imagine a situation where the average user could easily deploy their own local home automation system. But now, thanks to widespread IoT standards, cheap hardware and open-source home automation systems, this vision has become affordable. And thanks to the use of a decentralized cloud based on web3 technologies, it is now possible to provide secure remote access to smart devices.

What will you learn:


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