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1, Broadcasting Through the Black Mirror

Practice~ 15 min


2, At the Intersection of Cybernetics and Economics

Theoryfrom 1 hour


3, Polkadot Ecosystem for Home IoT Infrastructure

Practice~ 15 min


4, Robonomics Architecture

Theoryfrom 1 hour


5, IoT Subscriptions Using Robonomics Parachain

Practice~ 50 min

What's this about?

In this course we dive into the problems that arise around building modern Internet of Things applications. As a possible solution, we want to introduce, at a basic level, the capabilities of web3 technologies and Robonomics tools for IoT developers and users. This introduction Course was designed to explain the main principles that form the idea of decentralized IoT applications, and also to show the main functions of the Robonomics platform as a parachain within the Polkadot / Kusama ecosystem.

During this course you will take the first steps in understanding why these futuristic IoT-applications require better tools to meet the growing challenges and threats of the digital world. You will try to connect smart home devices to the decentralized cloud and attempt to purchase, activate and use IoT-subscriptions to send data to devices using the Robonomics Parachain.

This course consists of theoretical lessons with tests and several practical tasks. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate and the opportunity to become part of the Robonomics Ambassador Program.

What you can take from the course

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