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Configure and test connection to Spot

Practice~30 min


Emergency stop, initialization, body position control

Practice~30 min/ Yggdrasil network & SPOT credentials


Remote controlled and programmed motion

Theory~45 min/ Yggdrasil network & SPOT credentials


Find and follow an object, navigate between them

Practice ~25 min/ Yggdrasil network & SPOT credentials


GraphNav service. Mapping and navigating on the map

Practice ~25 min/ Yggdrasil network & SPOT credentials


Robot service. Camera calibration and "Spot check" procedure

Practice~30 min/ Yggdrasil network & SPOT credentials

What's this about?

We are excited to see you join the Spot SDK educational program! Our goal is to get you familiar with Spot's SDK and allow you to test your skills using a Boston Dynamics Spot robot in our lab.

Learn and practice with the Boston Dynamics Spot robot wherever you are. Get after each lesson captured video, robot movements recorded and printable PDF certificate to demonstrate your experience on the interview for your next dream job!

What you can take from the course

Learn free

We recommend you study the theoretical materials before you rent the time on Spot so that you have a plan of action for your lesson and can complete it successfully.

Rent 82.00 USD per lesson

The robot is located in our laboratory in Silicon Valley. The course is self-paced, you select one hour-long session to practice with the robot by Google Calendar after paying for it. We don’t charge for anything else. Once you feel ready, you buy a 1 hour-long practice session specifying your access credentials (SSH key) and the time when you want to connect to Spot to solve the task.

Practice your skills

When your session starts, you can connect to the Spot robot by SSH and join a Google Meet meeting to watch the robot by the camera. While working, use our lessons presented in this dapp and Spot documentation at dev.bostondynamics.com


The robot captures its state. And after the lesson, MerkleBot signs the robot state records to prove its origin for the certificate and you can download it.

Share your results in your social accounts. You may even add your successful lessons results as a certificate in your LinkedIn profile: just choose Merklebot as an Issuing organization and blockchain hash of lesson's certificate as an Credentials ID.

Completed the Course?

You can apply for a certificate of completion, after which you will be able to:

Apply for certificate